It took us 18 days to hit our SGN token presale target

When we started building Signals we felt the need for such a product — an AI-powered marketplace, where developers could share their algorithms and traders could make smarter decisions. But now, we know that the need is global. People from 72 countries have contributed to our mission by purchasing our SGN token, which will be the main currency to pay for premium services of the Signals marketplace.

This is very exciting not just for us — we have heard many congratulations from you guys and mark our words — we’re taking them very seriously. Right now we’re busy finishing the Signals Marketplace alpha version so you could start getting value from our product as soon as possible (we’ll have more updates on it this week).

Now let’s have a look at some of the stats:

We have offered 1,969,482 SGN tokens in a public presale. All tokens worth 1 364.8 ETH were sold within 18 days.

1761 people have registered in order to purchase the token and 812 people out of 73 have actually bought it.

Most of the SGN token was sold in the Czech Republic (worth 524,16 ETH) to 276 people.

The second top country which purchased our token was the United Kingdom — 61 people purchase tokens worth 165,9 ETH.

The top third country was Japan — 8 people have purchased tokens worth 87,1 ETH.

What’s next?

The Signals Token Sale begins on Monday, February 26, 2018. The price of one SGN token unit will start at approximately $0.3, which will be set in Ethereum on the first day of the Token Sale.

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